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Completion of Polyester Equipment

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             Completion of Polyester Equipment with Capacity of 200,000 Tons/Year for Far East New Century Company

  Completion acceptance meeting of polyester proprietary equipment for Taiwan Far East New Century Company was held in Nanjing Haoyang Company on Oct. 16th, 2010, representatives of agent Jiangsu SUMEC, Shanghai JUYOU and Haoyang attended the meeting. The owner fully approved the quality of Haoyang equipments, and praised Haoyang Group for making outstanding performance for Far East Project. All attending parties did site inspection and communicated on details of final packing, transportation and marks, etc., reaching an agreement.On Oct. 24th, final packing of the equipments were completed as per meeting requirements, loaded on vessel at Yangtze River Wharf, passing Shanghai Port, and finally arrived in Taiwan. So far, the polyester proprietary equipment with Capacity of 200000 tons/year by joint develops and production of JUYOU and Haoyang has successfully opened up a new area of Taiwan market.

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