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cong.on finish of vertical loading of head

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Congratulations on completion of vertical loading of converter head with diameter of 13 meters for Shandong Yanggu Xiangguang Copper Company

  On Nov. 8th, converter of Customer Shandong Yanggu Xiangguang Copper Company was capped with vertical loading head, which marked consummation of another field manufactured and installed large-size equipment. The equipment had complex structure, high manufacture difficulty degree, and its technology level was on the leading edge of the same trade. It was the world¡¯s largest sulfuric acid converting equipment with inner heat exchange, height of 32733mm, diameter of ¦µ13000 and weight of 480 tons. Through great efforts of site workers, together with main workers, the loading difficulties, such as large weight, large height and variability, etc. had been overcome; the loading had been finished at 6:00 p.m., the equipment was successfully capped.


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