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Gathering on Mid-Autumn Day

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Gathering of Graduates in Haoyang on Mid-Autumn Day, Enjoying the Glorious Full Moon and Barbecue

  In order to enrich the culture life and express the company¡¯s care and greeting for the young workers, on the occasion of the arrival of Mid-Autumn Festival, the company conducted the graduates gathering, enjoying the glorious full moon and barbecue in the large conference room at 6:00 p. m. of Sep. 21st, 2010. At the beginning of the activity, General Manager Zheng made a short statement to convey the care and expectation of the company leaders. With thoughtful arrangement of the persons in charge and full support of maintenance personnel, the gathering was in a well-ordered way.

The abundant barbecue foods, wonderful interactive games and elaborate awards made the room atmosphere happy and warm. There were more wonders than these things, that is, at the end of the gathering, the atmosphere came to a climax with announce of mysterious awards. The gathering ended in laughter in a satisfactory way. Look forward to seeing everyone next year.

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