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Fried cap, lower-middle earn money  
"Master the complex issues are simplified, mediocrity it will simply complicate the issue." Xu Jinglei is often said. Stocks based on simplicity of this idea, Xu Jinglei in addition to "a monthly, weekly K Line", the basic research techniques are not graphic, what is "KDJ, MACD", Stock Analysts relish these indicators, in most of them appear to Xu Jinglei is "Huyou" ordinary people.

So how the screening Xu Jinglei stock it? First, he always picked a small plate, with a total share capital of not more than 5 million in small-cap stocks, then filter out from the recent stock sexually active stocks, also refer to the specific fundamentals to analyze. "This is part of the stock flexibility, the main force pulled up very easy, we have to do individual follow-up sedan chair is also easy for the market in recent years, its profit margin larger than the blue chips." Said Xu Jinglei.

Example, in November began a small-cap pick Xu Jinglei's Dongan Panthers. Prior to his analysis of the stock fundamentals, found wandering in the loss of a few years ago from the edge of the state from out of profits steadily rise, small-cap stocks where the fundamentals are good stocks, in theory, that should be the object of choice of funds . Moreover, the recent steadily pulled up, the price has broken through the 6,000 points, when the broader market price, chips more and more concentrated. Xu Jinglei then snapped up, and then ushered in a wave of rally.
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